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What do I do with chickens...?

I saw your video message about chicken; and you asked about what things I do with chicken and the bones as such. Well I found that the market roasted chicken is a great time saver. I usually buy two and when I get home I remove the skin and break up the chicken into pieces. This gets the attention of my pet's who are always tossed a bit now and then. Then the bones get tossed into a stock pot. I put the ends of celery, onion and carrots into the pot with bay leaf and other herbs I might have around and boil that for stock. The chicken is used for lunches and snacks; diced up for chicken soup and chicken salad or shredded for chicken enchilladas. The stock is used for chicken soup that can be light or made hearty by dropping in bisket dough for chicken and dumplings; or kept to be used in a number of dishes. I even use the cartalige from the breast and leg bones as doggie treats. I have heard that cartalige is good for dogs joints. I don't know this to be scientific fact, but Honey loves the treats and it's just one more way of making the most out of my supermarket roasted chicken.

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