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Re: 15 minute meals....

I love to half a bagel, mix grated cheese, diced tomatoes, some olives, basil, salt and pepper.............on the bagel half's, toast good! smile

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Re: 15 minute meals....

Pasta (penne or anything fresh) with pesto
Snip up some semi-dried tomato bits and warm.
Rocket salad to serve!   yummy

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Re: 15 minute meals....

Cold Ocha soba with a dash of seaweed flakes served on ice.. whistle  served with fresh sashimi on the sides..... yummy

PS: Will you come to Singapore??

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Re: 15 minute meals....

Well I dont yet have a favorite quick dish but my dad really enjoys Jamie's parmesan fried fish from "Jamie's Dinners". I'd have to say... it is pretty darn good and quick!

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Re: 15 minute meals....

Hi all. As you may gather from my name, Jamie Oliver has little to fear from me and my microwave is my best friend! (getting more experimental though so watch this space!)
Anyway,here's a cheeky little snackette I often enjoy...

2 potato waffles
cheese of choice,grated. (I'm a cheddar man myself)
1 tin baked beans
HP sauce.

Lightly grill the waffles,ensuring to turn occasionally to avoid the ebony and ivory look.
Meanwhile,empty the beans into a pan and cook on a gentle heat.
Grate cheese on a plate and keep on standby.
When waffles are good to go,remove from grill and top with beans and grated cheese.
Launch briefly back under the grill to melt cheese.
Season with a drizzle of HP.
Voila! Get in!

(thought I'd repost this here to keep it topical,enjoy!)


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choc chops

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Re: 15 minute meals....

have you not read the other types of quick meals on this thread.....and you put cheese and beans waffles  yikes

He aint really married to me ok everyone...never met him before  whistle   thumbsup

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Re: 15 minute meals....

I agree with Yves.  An omelet only takes a few minutes and almost anything can be added, spinach, potatoes, ham, cheese, mushroom...., You get the idea.  I loved Jamie's egg crepes.  You can make alot with the crepes and they are quick and simple, also. smile

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Captain C

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Re: 15 minute meals....

Hey Ann, what book is the recipe for egg crepes in ?

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Re: 15 minute meals....

Iīve got two favorite 15 mins meals:

1) Omellete with all the leftover of vegetable you have in your fridge - spring onion, mushrooms, green peas, etc. If you use fresh basil and some good freee range eggs its quick and tasty. Even better with a bit of chorizo or some good salami (hungarian csabai).

2) Greek salad - i love preparing this salad from all the stuff i grow in my own garden - cucumber, tomatoes (even better  cherry tomatoes), pepper and fresh basil. I also use greek olives (if possible, the spanish ones are not so good), good extra virgin olive oil and of course greek cheese.
It only summer meal as you need gresh vegetables, otherway u canīt do it well.

I love also different types of fresh prepared sandwiches, but we donˇt have so many different types of sandwich breas as u have in UK, so it not easy to prepary a tasty one here, cause the bread makes a lot in it.

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Re: 15 minute meals....

The ultimate comfort food for moody days in 15 minutes (1 person)

a good handful of pasta (the small ones with a twist in em)
1 piece of salmon, still slightly frozen, chopped in pieces of 3cm
olive oil
1 egg yoke
parmesan cheese
1 clove of garlic
white wine vinegar
double cream
1 tablespoon of capers
fresh herbs dille, basil
rocket salad

cook the pasta 8-9 minutes
meanwhile fry the chopped carlic in olive oil
add the salmon, bake them until halfway cooked
add white whine vinegar and let it simmer for a short while until it has reduced
add double cream and season it with pepper and salt and dille
let it simmer, meanwhile add some grated parmesan cheese
add the pasta and the fresh herbs
then slowly add the egg yoke, after stirring it loose with a bit of seasalt and maybe a bit of double cream, add it slowly and keep stirring the pasta
turn the heat off, mix the rocket salad into the pasta, add lots of parmesan cheese on the top and a little bit of olive oil and serve immediately

Bon appetit! yummy

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