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#1 Sat 26 Jul 08 5:02pm


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Monkfish substitute?

Hi All,

Me and my girlfriend are wanting to try Jamie's recipe on page 123 of JAH however we have not yet been able to get any monkfish.

What would be a good alternative to monkfish?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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#2 Sun 27 Jul 08 6:45am


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Re: Monkfish substitute?

There isn't really a good substitute for monkfish.

Search a bit harder, and you wil find where to buy it. If I lived in Barnet, I would try "Poisson" on Cockfosters Road.

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#3 Fri 01 Aug 08 7:46am


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Re: Monkfish substitute?

Hook-and-line haddock and bass are good substitutes for monkfish

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