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Re: Turkey Crown??

Cooking a whole turkey in summer is not something that we choose to do, It makes no sense it's hot enough anyway without having the oven on for hours.

Plus we like to have a selection of meats, so cooking a turkey leg is perefect for us. That way we still get to have some traditional turkey plus chicken,( or  rolled and stuffed pork or butterflied leg of lamb) ham, and prawns.

Enjoy your Chrissie dinner, however you choose to cook it!

We do it................ Our Way!

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Re: Turkey Crown??

Hello All,

Thanks for all the replies. Going to stick with a whole Turkey this year. Will post again with what I am planning to do with it, short on time the now but thanks again all

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Re: Turkey Crown??

Good choice Monkeyboy - definitely the best bet smile

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Re: Turkey Crown??

Hi Everyone.

I always cook a turkey crown for christmas and if you cook it with care and attention, it will not be 'dry'. Use plenty of butter to 'smear' the crown beforehand and then layer with strips of streaky bacon. A good tip I learnt is to turn the crown over half way through cooking, so that it lays on the breast then cover the 'top' with foil. The juices then run into the breast and avoid it drying out. A large glass of chilled sauvignon blanc will avoid you 'drying out' at the same time  big_smile

Merry christmas everyone...

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Re: Turkey Crown??

GeoffP wrote:

Turkey thighs small? Where are you getting them from? - here the average turkey thigh will feed a family of four for a couple of days.

Generally, I can do a roast with a turkey thigh enough for four people, and then use the turkey drumstick to do a curry, stew or pie to feed another four.

In fact - have just done so this weekend - and a complete turkey leg (drumstick and thigh) only cost 2-00 from my local farm shop.

Farm Foods are currently selling Turkey Fingers , top could buy a few boxes of them and form them into a turkey crown shape , saving lots of money and still getting that free-range taste. thumbsup

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