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Why are they allowed to

Hi Jamie
I`ve been a fan of your cooking for a long time now.
I watch all your tv programs and try to follow your cooking.
I`ve followed your tv campaines with great interest, in particular "Jamies ministry of food" simply brilliant.
Your new campaine "Jamie saves our bacon" raised some important issues that need to be addressed with our labeling of food, One point that you mentioned was the adding of water to meat not just pork but chicken also.What else are they allowed to add?
I think that the public would really like to know Why this is allowed, What purpose does this process serve, Why are we charged for the added weight.

Also i would like to raise another point, one that nobody seems to want to raise and yet everybody is ready to slam those that suffer.
The link between the way livestock is raised and the rise in obeasety
Most foods are now intensively reared due to demand for cheaper food, this involves feeding our livestocks with "enhancers" for them to develope faster so as to get to market, It stands to reason that iff livestock is fattened faster with the aid of "enhancers" then these "enhancers" are passed on to the consumer in the final product that they buy.Perhaps you could use your access to the powers that be and find out?
keep up the good work

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Re: Why are they allowed to

I dont think he will reply personally to any posts.

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Re: Why are they allowed to

I think water gets aded to some pork to make it more moist. People want lean meat but they want it moist, that usually comes from natural fat, so some has water in it to give it that moistness. You can go to places that don't have that.

In terms of obesity, the World Health Organisation has a very comprehensive document on the issue so you might find information there. The part of the document that's most relevent is how these problems develop

People are often concerned by additives to their foods. It's not always as big and scary as it seems. Most western countries have standards and restrictions and these are usually well applied. This group is a great resource for information about scientific topics

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Re: Why are they allowed to

onikami wrote:

I dont think he will reply personally to any posts.

Jamie does reply to some posts personally, but he is not on the forums all that often, so most of the time posts have long passed. If you want to contact him personally use the "contact" date on the website.

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