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#21 Mon 26 Jan 09 7:59pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

I bought a couple of these fillets in Tesco, out of curiosity as much as anything. Just sauteed them in some butter and olive oil - they were easy to cook and tasted very good.

HOWEVER....the next morning I woke up feeling very queasy, as though I had morning sickness, and somehow 'toxic'. This feeling persisted for around 36 hours. I didnt immediately associate it with the fish, but after reading about how they are bred in polluted river water, and various reports of people being sick after eating them. I did wonder ...Just a co-incidence perhaps. but proceed with caution if you are thinking of buying them. Not sure I would buy them again, hoever attractive the price.

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#22 Tue 03 Feb 09 6:57pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

The first time I bought River Cobbler at Asda I was flying blind and found I needed to season it more than I would anything else, and the second time I got it right.
I think it's best fried rather than baked because of the slightly fatty texture.  I'm not over excited by it to be honest.  Chuck it in with other stuff to bulk out a fish pie or jambalaya or something, but as the star feature on the plate....nah.

I don't believe the scare stories either.  The supermarkets have too much to lose.  Maybe there is an element of that for other markets, but I doubt we get that stuff in the UK.  Mind you...I did find out last week that I was pregnant, and that shocked me because I'm already a father of three and we don't want any more.  shocked

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#23 Sun 15 Feb 09 8:08pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

Hi, my dad brought me back a river cobbler today from the shops, although i did ask him to buy me an "interesting type of fish" i found the cobbler to be neither interesting in taste or texture. Although it wasn't ghastly i had to jazz it up alot with herbs and lemon juice, pepper, salt etc to make it bearable.There really isn't much point in sending a fish half way across the world when there are cheap British equivalents. From now on i will come with my dad to the shops, avoid river cobbler and stick to fresh british fish.I recomend a good fillet of polluck, its very similar to cod, has beautiful white flakes and holds flavour very well - definately an underated peice of fish. big_smile

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#24 Sun 15 Feb 09 10:12pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

lol  lol  lol  lol

I know cobbler as a fruit and biscuit dough dessert!  I SO did not understand this post until I googled cobbler.  The joke is on me!

I must say, it sounded intergalactically yucky--"fish cobbler"
This was a supreme misunderstanding!!


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#25 Wed 25 Feb 09 10:41pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

I today bought River Cobbler, as having not seen it before and cooking a fish paella dish this evening, I thought it would be a nice additional ingredient.
Knowing nothing about the River Cobbler, I decided to 'Google' it.  Having done so, the 'Cobbler' went in the bin!  NOT even fit for the cat!!!

Try this link to read what I did, and see if you still feel like eating it!  I did however read other items so as not to be narrow minded, and ALL were the same!

Much to my cats disgust - the 'River Cobbler' went in the bin - it would appear, the only proper place for it!

I know you can not go through life wrapped in cotton wool, not touching this because of that, not touching that because of this, but if all that is written about this fish is true, then it would be absolute stupidity to consider eating the Vietnamese River Cobbler! 

Why one has to ask does Tesco sell it - oh silly me, I forgot.  They want profit, and do not really care for anything else!
Can not post a link it would appear!  so im sure you can work out what goes at the start of this!

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#26 Sun 05 Apr 09 1:11pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

Hmm I saw this fish in Asda and brought it excited about trying something new. But as I was searching for a recipe I found this site-- www.dietmindspirit.org/2008/01/30/why-y … gray-sole/   I'm nit sure I want to eat it now sad

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#27 Tue 07 Apr 09 1:29am


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

Ok, let's put this fish to bed - no pun intended smile

Having trawled the length, breadth and depth of the net the only negative info about this fish is all regurgitated variations of what is on the dietspiritmind site.

Which, naturally, I have read and it is absolute drivel. If anyone of supposidly reasonable intelligence reads it and actually believes it, I'm sorry, you should'nt be allowed out shopping on your own. No offence meant.

It's written as an incredibly alarmist and sensationalist piece which, if only one iota were true, would have lead to - you would have thought - investigations by any number of environmentalist / fish welfare / health specialist organisations. Not one report from anyone. Just that piece of old codswallop!

I've been eating this fish once a week for some considerable time with absolutely no adverse effects. I cannot comment on intensive farming but, as I'm on an extremely low income, at £2 for two fillets it fits my budget. And I'll continue to do so until any sensible and authoritative investigation is made - and I'm not holding my breath!

I generally buy it smoked and it works very well in a seafood paella.


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#28 Tue 07 Apr 09 9:55am


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

I'm afraid that if I am going to buy fish, I will only buy fish caught in Australian waters and (to be honest) I usually only buy Tasmanian Salmon as that is what we enjoy. I would never knowingly buy fish from Asia as I like to support Australian produce smile

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#29 Tue 07 Apr 09 9:58am


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

janiz wrote:

I'm afraid that if I am going to buy fish, I will only buy fish caught in Australian waters and (to be honest) I usually only buy Tasmanian Salmon as that is what we enjoy. I would never knowingly buy fish from Asia as I like to support Australian produce smile

Myself included, especially after watching a television programme regarding the dangers of eating this fish, given the environment that is is found in.

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#30 Tue 07 Apr 09 4:56pm


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Re: vietnamese river cobbler!

Prawns are farmed in a rather unappealing way too, so if that sort of thing bothers you, cut out the M&S prawn sandwiches too.  Probably just as bad!

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