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Re: What is your idea of Romance? Share it, for valentines old and new!

Hi cupcake, completely and utterly true! Nobody knows what tomorrow holds, but that's why its good to look at the good bits occasionally! I, we, are extremely lucky, but my god its taken rows and screaming and laughter and love to get here! So part of our "luck" has been hard work by the bucket load, with loving and giving by the spadeful. But well worth fighting for! Love at 49 is hoping that after working his butt off, picking up old ladies, young mums and everything in between, that the evil part of our society while drunk, don't steal from him, hit him or run him off the road! So for me Love is, feeling the bed move as he returns from work at 3.30am + and still wanting to freeze your butt off to get him warm! Incidentally, apart from an occasion card and an odd bunch of flowers, our love is free!  thumbsup

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