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Mgmt Class Project: Restaurant Plan, Japanese in Chelsea, London

Of course, one of my teammates had to choose London as the hypothetical location for our hypothetical Japanese fine dining establishment (she's been there, but I haven't).  So I looked up stuff on the eating habits in Britain, to figure out how to best cluj authentic Japanese dining with British dining habits.  So far, this is what we were thinking:

The theme will be much like one of those prestigious "ochaya" in Japan, but without the necessity of knowing all the "proper high-brow connections,"  with a high tea serving both various Japanese teas and British ones (for stubborn friends), with ramen, donburi, yakitori, tempura and sushi during tea (along with Japanese sweets like daifuku and dango).  Dinner would be more formal, with sukiyaki, shabu shabu, yosenabe, ishiyaki... you get the idea.  Single level.  So far we're less than half way into the planning (I will be pricing equipment shortly), and I have not been able to locate what the restaurant guidelines and regulations are for London, England, probably because I don't know the proper vernacular (yes, the plan has to eventually pass muster, as if you could actually plop a new restaurant in the Chelsea district - minus the fact that the site doesn't actually have to be available for that purpose.

Does anyone have any recommendations???

Cheers in advance.  help

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