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The Poem Sam and Bob out There

February 2009

Raymond J Warren

How ever did you make it Sam, how did you get away,
Why did fire spare you when it burned your home that day?
Did you have a special charm to keep alive out there?
Or did the god of animals, feel sorrow for a Koala Bear?

You sat beneath a blackened tree your tongue thick with thirst,
Your feet they felt like red-hot coals, with pads about to burst.
The fire took the lives of all and anything that moved,
But somehow you came through it safe, a volunteer bottle soothed.

They say that Koalas do not drink, that gum leaves do the trick,
But you showed all they were wrong, as you gave that bottle lick.
Oh how you loved that fireman and his water bottle there,
Sitting on your bottom, with your sore feet in the air.

And now you’ve found a domicile, away from fire and smoke
And you found yourself a male bear, a true Koala bloke.
Sam and Bob they speak of now, in hesitating terms,
How did you ere come through it all, with only minor burns.

Sam is now receiving care at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, where she's made a special friend -- another injured koala named Bob.
Bob, who suffered third-degree burns to three of his paws, is one of about 20 koalas who've been brought to the Southern Ash shelter in the last few days, according to shelter staff member Colleen Wood. 
Bob and Sam, Wood explained in an interview with Reuters, "keep putting their arms around each other and giving each other hugs. They really have made friends and it is quite beautiful to see after all this. It's been horrific."  From Reuters:

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Re: The Poem Sam and Bob out There

An amazing story of survival and trust. I have seen it a few times now. Just lovely watching Sam have his well earned drink from his kind helper.

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Re: The Poem Sam and Bob out There

It was a lovely photo seeing Sam the Koala drinking those 3 bottles of water, cute poem...   thumbsup

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