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Dinner Party Tips

Being a foodie I love throwing dinner parties and seeing everyone enjoy my food.  But I often run into trouble on timing dishes, using the oven for more than one purpose, and serving everything at the correct temperature.  For example, I would like to serve a roasted leg of lamb accompanied by spinach pie.  Both use the oven and although I would definitely like to make the pie before fussing with the lamb I still find it important to serve the spinach pie warm rather than room temp.  How would you go about serving them both at the correct temperature?

What style of dinner parties do you like to throw?  Buffet-style?  Family-style?  Plated courses?  What are your secrets to pull these off?

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Re: Dinner Party Tips

Double-check that you have all the ingredients the day before your dinner party.
Do as much prep (& cook/chill the veg) well in advance as you can.
Allow "Panic-time" just in case something goes wrong & you have to start again.
Remember getting suited/booted/bling'd up takes longer than you allow plenty of time to pour a drink, take a bath & look gorgeous.

Keep the menu, cooking & serving to a minimum once your guests have arrived, unless of course you have "help"!

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Re: Dinner Party Tips

tell everyone to bring there own food and beer

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Re: Dinner Party Tips

Include some dishes that can be made ahead - braised main dishes or homemade soups, braised red cabbage, marinated salads, dips.

Get your shopping done a day in advance and any last minute cleaning.

Set the table the night before the party, put out candles and flowers, guest towels, etc.

If possible, tag-team with your partner, one of you can man the grill in summer while the other puts the final touches on the fresh salads.

Have some music selected before guests arrive.

Have some quality ice cream or sorbet in the freezer in case you run out of time for making dessert.  Make a fruit crumble with seasonal fruits if you have time and serve it warm with the ice cream.

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Re: Dinner Party Tips

Hi, I know what you mean cause I used to have the same problem. So what I would suggest for this example you gave is to cook the lamb in the oven and about 10 mins before being ready, cook the spinach in a frying pan with some olive oil, garlic and some raisins, its very quick and it goes nicely with the lamb.
Also I think that 2 things baked in the oven for the same meal may not be the best choice. But thats my opinion only, dont get me wrong.

What I do for my dinner parties is: cook some starters, simple things (can give you some ideas if you like) about 3 or 4 depending on how many people I've invited and then cook 1 main course, where I usually use the oven. So the timing is normally ok cause while the main course is in the oven, I'm doing the starters in the stove.

Hope that helps in any way, cheers

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