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#1 Fri 16 Jan 09 11:49am


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Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

Hi everyone,

For all of our buddies in the Southern Hemisphere I have resurrected the forum threads from Adam Perry Lang. Adam gave us some fantastic BBQ marinade recipes and great tips as well on barbecuing.









p.s Northern hemisphere now lol....

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#2 Fri 16 Jan 09 11:52am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

Thanks Danny  smile

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#3 Tue 21 Apr 09 12:10am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

Looks like some good ideas there... I'll be doing a Braai (BBQ) on Sunday.

Was hoping to make some soft rolls, only I don't know what makes them soft. There are various recipies but I'm not sure what actually makes them soft, but everytime I make bread, it comes out very very nice, but I would say firm rather than fluffy and soft.
Any tips?

Got some Venison burgers - yay!

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#4 Wed 22 Apr 09 8:43am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

I went on a course to the Bertinet Kitchens and I found that making bread the way he did it works every time.  He has a very different kneading routine compared to how most people do it.

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#5 Thu 14 May 09 10:38am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

Hello Danny x x x

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#6 Thu 14 May 09 12:10pm


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

Love venison, had some fantastic burgers last year, they dry out very quickly though due the having so much less fat so watch them on the BBQ.

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#7 Fri 05 Jun 09 8:49am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

HI there. I like this forum's discussion. May I join?
Thanks thumbsup

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#8 Fri 05 Jun 09 9:01am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

truecolor wrote:

HI there. I like this forum's discussion. May I join?
Thanks thumbsup

Hi there, truecolor, you just have (joined, that is). Welcome to the forums - hope you enjoy them as much as the rest of us do.

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#9 Tue 09 Jun 09 4:14pm


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread

BBQ is one of my faves. Texans will swear they invented it, but that is not true.

In old Mexico, it was quite common to roast a whole goat on a spit, stretching it out from beard to tail, or in Spanish, from barba to coda. The term for this cooking methid eventually shortened from barba-coda to barbacoa, the modern Spanish term for barbecue. The term underwent further deformation in the US to barbecue or even BBQ.

Low and slow is what it's all about.  Indirect heat from oak or fruitwood gives smoky flavor.

But you can't just hot-smoke your brisket for 18 hours. That's not BBC, it's mummification. After several hours, you need to either wrap it in foil to keep it from drying out, or just take it off the smoker and finish it in the oven with something to keep it moist. I like to throw mine in a roaster with sliced onions and a half-bottle of beer and let it go for several more hours at 190 degrees farenheit. We're just looking to convert the collagen in the connective tissues to gelatin, that's all.

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#10 Thu 09 Jul 09 8:30am


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Re: Adam Perry Lang's BBQ forum thread


Congrats on having your book so high up on Amazon's list!  I like Steve but Lord it's nice to see a fresh face succeed in the world of BBQ.  It's always good to have more than one perspective.  Thanks for all your input here.  And may you always keep your eyebrows and arm hair!

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