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Tonights fowl dinner

Wow this has really opened our eyes!
only free range organic for us now,I spent an hour on the phone to my parents who will now only use free range organic meats in their pub.
Thanx Jaime! thumbsup

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Re: Tonights fowl dinner

I understand the whole idea of the show. And I agree that free range is the way to go, however, I can't help but wonder what will be done with all of the food that was "used" on the show. All those eggs, eggwhites, eggpowder, wings, whole chickens... With the disrespect that was given to it, I doubt that it will be eaten. I can think of a few kids that would enjoy them, and some of these kids may just have it worse than the chickens!
The idea was there, but maybe not thought all the way through...

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