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#1 Sun 13 Sep 09 2:07pm


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Roasting Beef cooking times

Hello, hope someone can help....

I've got an 800g joint of silverside beef and want to know how long I should cook it for to make it medium-well done.

I would quite like to put in all the oven to slow cook all afternoon to be ready for later on if anyone has a method for doing it that way.

Thanks in advance!


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#2 Sun 13 Sep 09 4:01pm


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Re: Roasting Beef cooking times

Beef Joints           
Sirloin, Topside, Toprump, Silverside, Rib, brisket       Sirloin, topside, toprump, silverside, rib:
Oven temp: Gas 4-5, 180C,350F

20mins per 450g/kg(lb)
+ 20mins

25mins per 450g/kg(lb)
+ 25mins

Well done
30mins per 450g/kg(lb)
+ 30mins Silverside, rib and brisket:
Oven temp: Gas 4-5, 180C, 350F

Pot roast
30-40mins per 450g/kg(lb)
+ 30-40mins

Any help?

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#3 Sun 13 Sep 09 4:16pm


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Re: Roasting Beef cooking times

Thanks a lot, that's a great help.

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#4 Sun 27 Sep 09 12:40pm


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Re: Roasting Beef cooking times

found a great online roast meat cooking time calculator at


let's you get the exact times based on weight and desired cooking style, it's great :-)

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