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#1 Mon 22 Mar 10 5:27am


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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Whew!  Took me a while before I could actually register so I could have my say:

Jamie you rock! 

In addition, I am not a man prone to emotional outbursts.  I never blog, twitter or post; but, I just watched your Food Revolution tonight and WOW!  My wife and I even got our kids out of bed to watch it with us.

We almost never let our kids eat school lunches.  We send them a lot of organic peanut butter and raw honey sandwiches on whole wheat with carrots, yogurt and fruit.  We are always trying to teach our kids how to eat a well balanced diet.  We are not some crazed health food fanatics either.  We are just normal parents who want the best for our kids.  We still eat donuts and have cookies and cake, but we try not to overdue them and balance them with healthy choices.

I sympathize for the school cooks you are working with, though.  I know it is not your intention, but to them it must seem like you are telling them they are slowly killing the kids of America.  They have to follow the rules dictated (and yes, I meant dictated, as in “dictator” or “dictatorship”) to them.  It is all about the money.  It makes me ill.  I would think anybody with a little common sense would realize spending a little more money on healthy foods for our kids (and teaching them to eat health) would pay back huge dividends in the end.  Think of the healthcare costs that will be cut if our children eat healthy and learned to make better food choices. 

Another thing to consider is how you feel after eating an unhealthy, fatty meal.  Lethargic? Sluggish?  Compare that to how you feel after eating a good healthy meal. Energized? Focused?  Now, think about our kids…in school…after a typical lunch.  Do you think they are eager to learn after that kind of a meal?  I seriously doubt it.

Jamie you obviously have a compassionate heart and care about people.  I know the show I watched tonight was pre-recorded, in fact I am sure the entire series, is already filmed and waiting to be aired.  I am certain your true nature will come out and the school cooks will rally by your side.  How could they not?  You are not trying to vilify them; you are trying to help them.

My wife and I have been big fans ever since we watched you on the "Naked Chef" on the Food Network.  Your energy and passion for cooking are inspiring.

I have a huge passion for cooking myself and I love using the freshest ingredients possible.  I take things to work for people’s birthdays and special events, word gets around, and normally whatever I have brought is gone in a few minutes.  I am always tickled to death when people either tell me or email me, “I love what you brought in.  I would never have thought I would like that!”  I scour recipes to find unusual combinations (i.e. cranberry meatballs, ginger and pink grapefruit cheesecake, etc) Now do not misunderstand and think I am not overweight, sadly I am.  I struggle with it every day.  I could always make better food choices, but mainly it is because I am too sedentary; I need to be more active. 

If you were ever passing thru Springfield, MO, I would love the chance to cook with you.  Meeting you (or Alton Brown) would excite me more than meeting any A-lister from Hollywood.

Until next time:

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#2 Mon 22 Mar 10 5:50am


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Long live the revolution indeed!!

Thogh I may not be a 100% organic food person, I do try to get the freshest foods I can for my family. And I whole heartedly agree with you.

The lunch ladies hands are almost litterally tied. I was once a lunch lady. And though after seeing what we had to serve the children I started to pack my daughter's lunch, even though it was her school's kitchen I worked in.

The budgets are incredably small, and they had to pack as much nutrition in as possable.

What was horrific was feeding the kids that food then seeing them throw it all out. It was a waste of time, effort and money not just on the school district's end but the parents as they had to pay for the lunch.

On pizza day the kids only ate the pizza. They would bring thier trays to the window I was at and I'd dump all the veg and fruit I put on it not just 10 minutes before hand.

I am so glad my daughter is in a school where I have to pack her lunch. PB&J on whole wheat with some kind of fresh raw veg or fruit. Maybe I'll slip in both and a handful of whole wheat crackers or wheat thins, or even pretzels. Maybe a fruit roll up for a lil bit of sugar. Or even for a big suprise a fun size bar of chocolate.

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#3 Mon 22 Mar 10 6:41am


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I watched the first part of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on the tele tonight and very much agree and support the whole concept, idea and premise.

I think the most salient moment tonight was the week's worth of food piled on the family's kitchen table, with the predominant colors of fried food. We all get caught-up in the day-to-day, but when we step back and look at the big picture, we can see a greater truth. As a nation, we in the USA eat junk, and lots of it. Our sad state of affairs in the realms of health and food are inter-related and inter-twined. We must go beyond thinking in terms of the least costly food, and think about the nutritional value of the food we eat. And it's not about eating just lettuce. It's about eating varieties of real food, prepared in ways that are healthier. Nobody is trying to tell others what to eat, as much as trying to point out the problems at hand and inspire people to realize this for themselves. Once we "get it," we will do the right thing, not because Jamie or anyone else told us to, but because we realize the crap most Americans eat is truly leading to pre-mature death. It's partly a matter of getting beyond the marketing of processed and fast foods, to the realization that we are indeed what we eat and we need to not believe what the marketers want us to believe. It is time for a revolution, and maybe, to borrow from G. S. Heron, this time the revolution will be televised. Thank you to Jamie for at least trying. We all must do our part, be it individually or collectively. There is no time like the present to change the way we eat in this country.

I found "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on Facebook, which was set-up by a woman in California in support of the project.  It is full of comments from lots of supportive people, me included.  While it may not be "official," it is a fantastic showing of support. 

While there may be plenty of doubters "out there," know that there are a lot of supporters who believe in the idea, the revolution.  Jamie, you have done (are doing) a wonderful thing with this.  Please, do not give up the fight, it is the proverbial "good fight."  You will meet resistance, but please do not let that get you down.  This is a revolution that must happen if we are to get a handle on the health and health-insurance issues we face in the United States. 

The "lunch-ladies'" hands are tied, and the directive must come from above.  We, the parents of school age children, tax-payers and citizens of the United States, are the ones who must rise up and demand change.  It will not happen over night.  It will take time, and lots of effort both big and small from people all across our nation.  We must make this a national issue, and bring the change about.  Our lives depend on it.

If you, readers of this blog, don't know about Slow Food you should know that this issue of eating real food and serving real food to school children is a major core issue of many involved in the Slow Food Movement. (I am one of those Slow Food people.)  Slow Food is like a wheel with many spokes, many interests, objectives and types of people involved.  But, it is fair and accurate to say that we, the grass-roots of Slow Food, are effectively partners in this revolution.

I plan on watching the remainder of the series. I hope that Jamie's Food Revolution can act as a catalyst for massive change in the United States.

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#4 Mon 22 Mar 10 7:55am


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I loved tonight's sneek peek at Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and I am excited to see what kind of action this can mean to the school lunch program in the US.  My only question: How is it that this show is so incredibly similar to the British version that was shown a couple of years ago on PBS? 

On tonight's show when Jamie said something about Alice being his hardest critic and how wonderful she would be to win over and take to other schools... I remembered that this was exactly happened when he fought the lunch program in British schools.  He met a hardcore lunch lady, eventually won her over, then brought her with him to other schools to teach other lunch ladies. 

In the long run, I don't really care if this is a scripted repeat.  I hope that this show makes people think about what we are feeding our children...and ourselves... and how something as simple as cooking whole foods can make a huge difference. 

GO JAMIE!! thumbsup

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#5 Mon 22 Mar 10 1:11pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

THANK YOU JAMIE!!!!!!!  Our school food in the US is disgusting!   and more disgusting is the fact that those in the school system actually think it's ok!!!   I have been fighting this for years...... and they are shocked that I am questioning the food they are trying to give to my children.  They defend it.  AMAZING!!!!!!  They treat me  - the parent - as tho I am the problem for questioning them about the food they are serving in our schools!   I actually took my children OUT of the PUBLIC schools due to these low standards. 
SO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  because like you when you meet with the pastor, I felt like FINALLY ......... YOU GET IT!  I'm not alone in my thinking anymore!!!

Thank you for being here to help us!  Thank you for your time!  Thank you for your heart!  Thank you for caring about our children!
Thank you!

Please come to West Palm Beach!!!!!

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#6 Mon 22 Mar 10 1:26pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I, too, watched your show last night and was very impressed!  My oldest will be starting at public school next year and I've already made the decision that he will NOT be eating school lunches.  I looked at our local school district's lunch schedule for this month and it's pretty much the same as what I saw on your show last night.  It's absolutely appalling to me what passes as "healthy" food in US schools. 

I don't know very much about your program you set up in the UK but perhaps if you could get schools to also start a school garden (like what Alice Waters does), it might help cut some of the costs that administrators worry about, plus the kids would be more likely to eat it since they would help to grow the veggies.  Just a thought...

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#7 Mon 22 Mar 10 1:40pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I am glad to see all of the positive posts about the Food Revolution.  After last night’s broadcast, I started at the ABC website and was shocked and amazed to actually see negative posts.  I am 37 and I remember thinking school lunches were inedible when I was a kid.  In fact, school lunches are generally so universally terribly (I know some schools are making an effort to change and I applaud their efforts) in the United States that is a joke among Americans.  However, it is really no laughing matter.

I find it ironic that Jamie’s Food Revolution aired so closely to the news article about the Midwest teacher who is eating school lunches for a year and secretly blogging about it.

News article:


Actual Blog:



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#8 Mon 22 Mar 10 2:01pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Thank you so much for what you are doing - we need change!
I have been trying to slowly change what my family eats to healthy, fresher options and I feel that for the most part, I am doing pretty well.  The biggest hurdle has been getting my husband to "join" me.  However, we are down to one TV set in the house and he was forced to watch the Food Revolution with me last night.  He is from WV and went to Marshall University and I think was amazed that Huntington was the unhealthest city in America.  By the end of the program, he was appalled by the crap that the schools feed the kids and was even questioning some of our food choices.  It was a real eye-opener (for the both of us). 
Thank you Jamie!

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#9 Mon 22 Mar 10 2:29pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

MEEEE TOOO!!!!!!!!!
I am sickened to see the horrible way our kids are treated. On occasion, I have sent my daughter to school with the 3 bucks to give her a hot lunch when it is cold. But to my disgust, I see what she is eating. I would rather give her a Happy Meal. I have the rare opportunity to have the privelege to wander the halls as a volunteer and I see the strange food that sits around in the "kitchen" at night. The "food" that is eaten is processed and the fresh fruit is generally discarded by the students. The fresh food that is given is served whole and required to go on the plate. This whole food is given one bite and tossed. Teachers watch over the kids and tell the kids that they need to eat thier fruit before they leave the table. The kids have one bite and throw the rest away. ONE TINY BITE FROM ONE WHOLE APPLE/halved kiwi/pear/plum!! No wonder the food costs are through the roof.   
Due to amount of food that the kids won't eat, I am heading our compost program and am having some success. But with an appathetic pat on the head from volunteers and students, I feel like I'm getting the "Oh, aren't you sweet, good luck little muffin." Even though the program will save money and help reduce our footprint, the process of just throwing things away is easier. I want a food revolution here. I live in Seattle, we are supposed to be so very healthy. But with hands tied to the federal "standards" of diet, we have very little wiggle room. I am frustrated and would love some help and advise.

Thank you so much Jamie for giving it your all. We are rolling the stone up a hill...and your tears are shared. I feel that I am the General in a one person army and I am frustrated. Jamie, if you are reading this, I would love to hear some calm words of support. I am a volunteer in this effort, paid $20 a day as a playground supervisor and math tutor and most of my free time is spent in the school making an effort and making small steps toward progress. I am afraid that I will have to abandon my post because I cannot pay my bills on hope and love.

My goal, if I do leave, is to go back to school and try to make a program for myself that will help me help others to educate our throwaway culture. I have a real passion for this Jamie, et al. Any support is welcomed and needed.

Thank you community.

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#10 Mon 22 Mar 10 3:20pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I was really surprised about the whole "attitude" the city gave Jamie Oliver.  He was there to try to help and they acted like he was the villain.  I thought that guy on the radio show was a complete moron and didn't understand the first thing about healthy eating.  Lettuce is not the only option.  Although the school cooks are directed to do certain things, they should have embraced him a bit more.  I was surprised that they actually thought the food they were serving was healthy.  The only positive person I saw on the show was the pastor.  It's no wonder they are seen as so negative.  I felt sorry for Jamie trying to do a good thing.  Jamie, if you come to Naperville, IL and my sons school I am hopeful that you won't get that kind of a response!

I always pack my sons lunch with organic and healthy foods.  I don't even let him buy the milk at school!!  It's all garbage!

Organic mom!!

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