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Re: My Purple Basil Plant is ...unhappy

JoyYamDaisy wrote:

purple basil needs more light than green. ... it might be best if the pot is raised (if it isn't already!).
Good luck!

Daisy, that's EXACTLY what it needed. I raised it to a high shelf on the balcony two days ago and am amazed at the rebound! It's doing great now! And it's supposed to (finally) be a nice sunny weekend so I hope it'll only get better.

Thanks everyone. clap

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Re: My Purple Basil Plant is ...unhappy

Yay! big_smile

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Re: My Purple Basil Plant is ...unhappy

Good morning to you both. Mada and Joy.  I've been out in the garden this morning also, and filled all the bird feeders, now I'm off to mow the lawn before it gets too hot.

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Re: My Purple Basil Plant is ...unhappy

I found some Purple Basil seedlings at a Holistic show here in Michigan.  They are flourishing on my patio which faces north, and receives zero sunlight.  I have yet to transplant them.  Probably another week.  Until then, if it is windy, I shield them behind all the other herbs.  I do not let it's soil become dry, as with most basil...they need water to flourish, and good drainage.

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