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#1 Fri 25 Jun 10 11:37pm


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I 'd like to share with you

while digging my orto's paths this morning I heard a voice calling me, and the son in law of our old neighbor asking me if I could help him cleaning some of the 70 kg fish he had fished last night and accept them as a present.

big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

in the afternoon I met two old ladies who take care of a little chapel in a district of our village, the very old original heart of our village. They were locking its door for the night but asked me if I wanted to see two new paintings a lady living near it had donated to the church.
I'm not an art expert but I think they are really valuable.

Two kind and unexpected events in a day  big_smile  thumbsup

eheh I was so grateful, because I never like going into museums or exibitions to see paintings, there is always too much to see outside ...........forgive my scarse interest for art when it's constricted indoors

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#2 Fri 25 Jun 10 11:42pm


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

Pure and positive thoughts and findings, what a wonderful world is to be found if only one knows how to seek it smile  big_smile

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#3 Sat 26 Jun 10 12:52am


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

How wonderful!  Thank you for sharing that with us!

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#4 Sat 26 Jun 10 2:51am


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

Lovely Mada! What a special day! smile  smile  smile

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#5 Sat 26 Jun 10 3:18am


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

that's beautiful Madamada!

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#6 Sat 26 Jun 10 3:27am


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

It's nice to hear because in a few places, we skipped going in to a big palace or museum when the weather was beautiful, so often, the months we travelled were in winter.  About the young teacher, too bad that person didn't realize how much he could learn from you, but his loss. smile

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#7 Sat 26 Jun 10 3:45am


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From South Penrith, Australia
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Re: I 'd like to share with you

That sounds just wonderful. It just goes to show not everyone in the world is uncaring. What a fullfilling day it must have been .
Cheers Heather smile

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#8 Sat 26 Jun 10 7:55am


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

I think we should have a new thready category... The Tao of Mada..
We vote for our favourite mada post or thread. smile

Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.  { cowboy saying}
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#9 Sat 26 Jun 10 8:04am


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Re: I 'd like to share with you

I love it when miracles happen in the course of a day.  Nothing that will ever go down in church chronicles but something we recognize as a gift and are thankful for.  Simple yet wonderful.

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#10 Sat 26 Jun 10 8:11am


From Serbia
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Re: I 'd like to share with you

It just accured to me - You can eat fish, but you can also have it stuffed and hang it on a wall, much like a painting. By that logic, would a painting taste good in hollandaise sauce and a twist of lemon?  shocked

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