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food revolution


Just watched the latest episode of your food revolution, i sat there in a truly confused state wondering just how anybody can be so ignorant to what they are putting into their bodies.

I am a student in Bournemouth and go out of my way to spend money on good wholesome food, i subtly preach to others around me when i see them just eating ready meals and takeaways!!

What you have started in Huntingdon is truly amazing yet so simple its just what half the world need. It is disgusting how people try and ban you from implementing something good and healthy for kids in schools - that is utterly outrageous and i support and sympathise with you entirely.

The part where the principal and the cook questioned your request for a knife was shocking when they tried to deny it.

I have a very strong passion for what you are doing and can only say that i would love to be doing first hand work with you and your team, something i think you should try and build on if you are to tackle the whole of the USA!

Not sure if your get to read this but if you do then great... just to let you know your fully supported in your aim to get a healthier nation.

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Re: food revolution

I was shocked by the knife thing too, it was insane.

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