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What kids know about vegetables

After watching a recent show showing Jamie asking kids in a US classroom the names of various veggies, only to have them come up blank, I would like to suggest the following:

The Vegetables Go To Bed by Christopher King
illustrated by Mary GrandPre (the US illustrator of Harry Potter)

This is a simple introduction to vegetables and gardens, all in a sweet format, perfect for charming kids to sleep, AND teaching them to know their veggies. Its simple message is that vegetables and growing go together.

PS: My language student, an immigrant from Germany to the Us, and a biochemist knew all about Jamie revolutionizing school lunches in the U.K.
Bravo!  big_smile

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Re: What kids know about vegetables

That's a great suggestion...a nice gentle format for young children thumbsup

I have also found that using the fruit & veg part of the supermarket as a 'memory game' and quizing your kids on different veggies etc helps, and stops them getting cranking when they are sitting in the trolley as they are plaing a game...'Who can spot the lemons?'

You feel a bit silly the first few times but if it keeps the little ones quiet...  wink

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Re: What kids know about vegetables

The 3-year-old I babysit is really good at identifying fruit as she get to pick which kind she wants from the fruit bowl for her afternoon snack. So she gets to see what fruit looks like whole. She's not so good at identifying her veggies, maybe because she only ever sees them chopped up into tiny pieces in her main meals. But at least she's eating them!

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Re: What kids know about vegetables

That's a good point smellycat , if a child only sees vegetables chopped and cooked then they are not likely to know what they look like.
Ihave noticed this before now as I do sandwich duty in a school. The lunches the children bring are very variable , ranging from pactets of crips/biscuits and a sweet drink ,to a fruit packed lunch  or quite often I there are children with a container that has pasta or rice in it.
As the veg in these things are chopped up they often are not sure what they are eating.

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