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#1 Mon 31 Jan 11 6:00pm


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Take to school Lunches - help with recipes

Well - I have a moderately picky eater.  We eat very little packaged foods and she is not a junk food addict.  She likes some veggies, loves fruits and is a meat eater.   I am always in search of other kids favorite "home" lunches.  Any one have some they want to pass on? 

I am getting tired of making the same lunches - Cold or Hot chicken, Nitrate free Turkey or all Beef Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets (We buy very natural stuff - like 6 actual ingredients and you can pronounce all of them. ) Left over Chinese (She loves her spicy Chicken in Garlic sauce - so she takes the left over chicken and broccoli) , PB&J, Nitrate free Salomi (she doesn't like it as much as the main stream stuff - different texture) and cheese.  She always gets some fresh fruit of some sort - Grapes, strawberries (Yes - I can not believe it I am paying $4.99 for strawberries but she loves them - so we buy them), Melon and a bottle of water.

Thankfully she loves the Pizza Hut day (Twice a month) so I get two days I don't have to think about what to feed her (She thinks this is an awesome school treat and looks forward to it - along with fresh fruit and white milk).  Bad enough she doesn't eat breakfast or much of one because she is not hungry at 8 in the morning.  Kindergarten eats lunch at 10:50 in the morning. 

Thanks,  Sarah wink

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Re: Take to school Lunches - help with recipes

I found low carb tortillas that I use to make wraps for my grandsons. Using either real chicken, turkey or other meats I spread low fat flavored cream cheese on the tortilla then lay meat down. I add shredded carrots, sprouts & guacamole then roll up and put in a reusable container. the boys also like celery w/peanut butter, carrots w/ranch dressing or cucumber sticks w/dressing. Always pack some fruit and water to keep them hydrated and happy with a 'dessert' that keeps mom happy also. smile  crossed

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Re: Take to school Lunches - help with recipes

We usually send lunch too-when my son buys his lunch, he eats hardly any of it, which i feel is a waste.  So he gets to help pick out what he wants each day in his lunch.  Some creative things we've come up with (besides the typical PBJ sandwich!) include bagels-you can make sandwiches out of the mini bagels, he likes them with cream cheese and jelly or banana slices or raisins or cucumbers..., turkey/lettuce/cheese, tuna, chicken salad, etc...anything that would be sandwich worthy, just on a mini bagel.  They are tiny and more finger friendly (and come in wheat too) Also use soft tortilla shells to wrap up different sandwiches, banana with peanut butter, other sandwich ideas, just doing something besides 2 pieces of bread help to change up the lunch a bit!  You can do hummus with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, etc.  We also pack yogurt, carrot slices with hummus dip, cheese sticks, cottage cheese with peaches or pears...
what about packing something on a skewer (use a small straw for safety) and you can repeat fruit pieces, or chicken with veggies, etc. 
You can send spaghetti or other warm favorite left overs (i know you commented on the chinese) but with warm stuff, we have a problem with it actually staying warm (my son leaves for school at 7 and eats lunch at 11, so it's not very hot by that time, even in a thermos!)
Does she like salad?  You can make a salad more filling by adding chicken, turkey, etc...we make taco salad with ground turkey meat flavored with taco seasoning, then add lettuce, cheese, western or catalina dressing, black beans, and a few corn chips (fritos) He really likes this one...
Also cold pasta salads with veggies, diced chicken, etc.  Hope one or two of these ideas help!

By the way, yoiu should try to get her to eat something for breakfast...even if its a smoothie shake with bananas, yogurt, etc.  homemade granola, muffins, etc.  involve her in the process of making it and maybe she will want to eat it?  we make mini muffins, waffles  or french toast sticks...they can freeze easily and be thawed each morning,  search for recipes or i can send you mine, sub applesauce for the oil and whole wheat flour/bread, makes it healthy alternative,

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Re: Take to school Lunches - help with recipes

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