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Minestry of Food @ Bright Futures Event in Glasgow

I'm on a mission to help parents build a bright future for their kids. I want to help them look after the planet and help them find things they can do to make their child the best they can be. Feeding and a healthy diet is a huge part of that!
I'm hosting a free event in Glasgow in September to celebrate everything families can do with their young kids to build a bright future for them. We cover Feeding, Caring and Learning. We want to encourage families to eat healthy homemade food. We're passionate about organic and grow your own food and want to help take the fear out of it for normal families.
I know Jamie is a great ambassador of these exact principals and I would absolutely love it if he were able to come along and help spread the good word to the families in Scotland? We're expecting upwards of 3000 families at the event. Scotland has such a terrible track record of poor diet, we need to do all we can to improve that for the next generation and I really hope it's something that Jamie would be able to help us do?

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