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I need help with my sauce

Every time I try a Jamie recipe out of the Ministry book my sauce is always too watery! 

The pictures in the book show a thick tomato sauce but mine is always thin and runny.

The recipes I've tried are the spag bolognese, vindaloo, and stew which all use chopped tomato's - could this be what's causing the problem? We use Napolina chopped toms.

Any suggestions?



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Re: I need help with my sauce

Welcome to the forum Tristan.

The sauce probably needs to be cooked for a bit longer so that some of the flid evaporates and the flavour intensifies.
I have stopped buying the tins of chopped tomatoes and now buy only the tins of whole tomatoes, the chopped tomatoes seem to have a lot more fluid in them whist the whole tomatoes seem to have much less.
Like many things it is best to buy the best you can afford , I have often found the very cheap tins of tomatoes have a more watery juice in the tins.

I hope this helps.

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Re: I need help with my sauce

Draining the cans of whole tomatoes prior to chopping them can also help, that way you lose a lot of the liquid. It depends on how you want the sauce to turn out. Passata can be subbed out for the tinned tomatoes as that tends to be a better base for a sauce.

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