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English Mace

I am about to cut back my English Mace.  Can I use the seedheads for flavouring or making herbal teas or anything else?

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Re: English Mace

Use Mace in herby sauces for Chicken, Pork, Pasta & Fish .
It has a mildly astringent taste, & does well in sauces using cream as it cuts the richnesss of the fat.
Used as an ingredient of "bush tea" (herbal tisane) it helps alleviate the symptoms of colds & 'flu.

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Re: English Mace

Watched a cooking program the other day and they dry it and use it in curries/puddings it was in India not sure may have been in Jodhpur , I think it could be used like nutmeg in cooking but it could not be the main flavour.........

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