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#1 Mon 07 Nov 11 12:40pm


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Kitchen gardens at schools

Hi All,

This week's voting question is all about the recent trend of kitchen gardens at schools:

Do your children have one at their school? Do you think its something that should be encouraged at all schools? What type of produce do/should they grow?


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#2 Mon 07 Nov 11 12:47pm


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Re: Kitchen gardens at schools

Some schools have glass greenhouses for the purpose of education, but our climate doesn't accommodate growing food outdoors during regular school terms.  It is nice idea though, for kids in warmer climates to see things growing and take part in planting.

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#3 Mon 07 Nov 11 3:56pm


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Re: Kitchen gardens at schools

I think that its a good idea for children to see vegetables growing .
Sadly many inner city schools have very limited yard space and often there are no green areas.

The school that I help in is lucky , it has a reasonable aount of playground space and in the infant department they have constructed a few raised beds that the children plant seeds and watch the vegetables grow.
Ending usually in a pot of vegetable soup !

There  are also a few plants like blueberry bushes or I think I saw some strawberries as well .

I know that the very small childern in the nursery also plant pots of things ,I have seen carrots and tomatoes growing there.

Its only a very small amount of things that are grown but it does make a difference.

I think that its a great idea.

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#4 Tue 08 Nov 11 2:09am


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Re: Kitchen gardens at schools

My boys did have a veg garden at their primary school, my eldest was 11 yrs old so that was 16 yrs ago......which is now abandoned...

My sons then went to private school in an ancient Chateau built by Napoleon, there was so much land, they learnt how to live with nature, in between courses they spent their time in the parks, relaxing under old trees, they designed veg patches and had green houses, which are open to the public once a year

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#5 Tue 08 Nov 11 2:41am


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Re: Kitchen gardens at schools

I think it is an excellent idea, in fact almost a necessity. My kids learn gardening from me teaching it to them and that is probably the best way, but for kids in schools need to learn it to, at least to some degree. Allowing all of society to fall so far from knowledge of where food comes from can't be a good thing.

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#6 Tue 08 Nov 11 4:24am


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Re: Kitchen gardens at schools

I have mentioned this several times but I am so proud of where I live that I will again. lol
Lots of our schools have gardens and the kids love to learn how to tend them. Very good programs and very good sponsors from local restaurants and the culinary community in general. We even offer high school courses in viticulture and our local high school has a vineyard from which students made wine as a project to raise money last year.

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#7 Wed 09 Nov 11 1:22am


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Re: Kitchen gardens at schools

My boys college:

Its 10 hectars are maintained by the horticultural school, and any other student is welcom all year round to participate.

Once a year they have an open day, all that we are interested in now are the organic potted vegs, fruits, flowers that are sold very cheep...i have replanted them all into my gardens for so many years.

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