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Kids cookery school

Hi. We have loads of kids at school who love cooking. Does anyone know any small companies that can come in during school holidays and maybe do a workshop for the kids, cooking with them simple things to encourage them to do so at home? Our school is in Shenfield, Essex.  help

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Re: Kids cookery school

Great idea Juniespoon,
I hope you find a wonderful company or person who will do it! big_smile

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Re: Kids cookery school

Hi. I run a company called Bake It Make It!, based in Mountnessing, Brentwood. We run pre-school cooking classes for children and holiday workshops for children aged 5 and above.  We run workshops for various children from Brentwood and Chelmsford schools.  Our aim is to pass our passion for cooking to young budding chefs.  If you would like further information, please see our website: If I can help you, even just with advice, please ask smile

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Re: Kids cookery school

nice Thoby, for conducting such programs.

Juniespoon, maybe this page can help you know about another school/team which offers cooking classes for kids.

Aby (

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