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Re: Growing cherry tomatoes in a tin!

Goldstars, with the information that Ashen has given us and the sites below to help you, starting tomatoes and herbs inside the house then transfering/or not to the garden is easy. Make sure though that just one grain goes into each chosen container. When mixed together they would not have the space they need to grow.

Fermenting tomato seeds: … ation.html

Help on growing tomatoes..... + other vegs are listed on the left of this link: … -Seed.html

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Re: Growing cherry tomatoes in a tin!

Oh, now I see, fermenting is done when one collects tomato seed as opposed to buying the seed ready.

Goldstars, tomatoes need plenty of space and prefer not to share a container in general.  There are many types of small tomatoes that are excellent for container growing and the cherry/grape tomato types are some of the most prolific producers and very easy to grow.

There are also many types of basil, but any type will do well in a container.  You can buy some types of seed 'pre-tested' for fusilium wilt, which is helpful and worth the extra cost.

Both tomato and basil seeds (store bought) are very easy to germinate.  You can always plant more than one seed per container if the rate of germination indicates a percentage won't germinate and then leave just one to grow per small pot, but usually this is not necessary with basil or tomato seeds as they tend to have a pretty high germination rate.

Good luck.  Let us know how you get on.

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