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Jamie's Ministry of Food - what's it all about?

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those of you who are helping out by taking some of the Ministry of Food classes and writing about them here on the site. Check back on this thread as the forum members start to write about the classes and let us all know a bit more about this great initiative.



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Re: Jamie's Ministry of Food - what's it all about?

I would like to find out more information on what is being done in the US. We are willing to help and start an organization that will educated others on healthy food.  Most importantly our children and the schools.  We are located in North Carolina and our top industry is agriculture in our county. We have the first dairy farmer in the state to be certified organic. We have been lead to do a Food Revolution Day on May 19th at our store Farm Fresh MarketPlace.  With all of that said, is there a way to find out more information on partnering or helping to promote The Food Revolution in the US & our local area?  Thanks for any info!

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Re: Jamie's Ministry of Food - what's it all about?

No wisdom here, just a thumbs up. Have been frying & BBQing for years, but never used the oven and am lousy at gravy.

Bought Ministry of Food last weekend and made Roast Beef (page 192), Roast Veg (page 202) and Gravy (page 205). First meal without TV for weeks and enjoyed great food and family time.

So maybe some wisdom afterall ...

Thanks, Mike.

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Re: Jamie's Ministry of Food - what's it all about?

Hello Jamie
My name is Joanna I'm com from Poland exactly from Silesia .
I write to tell You how important is Your job bicouse not only children need education about food .In spite of the fact that we adults fet auer kids we need it morre.
Although I'm a woman , I'm in Your age and I've got three children  I don't know nothing about cooking  .Reasume I'm bedly cooker. However as long I have a bread and butter .... smile
Anyway I edmiare You  and I wishe to be able to doing what You do.I'm very sory for my english ,I'm learning smile
Regrets from Poland.

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Re: Jamie's Ministry of Food - what's it all about?

Hi Jamie,
I'm an American transplanted to southern Alberta, Canada, to a large space of dirt.  I started my own Victory Garden and am loving the freshness of what I can grow.  I just got your books Food Revolution and Jamie's America and I'm positively thrilled!  I love way out in the country but I'm going to blog some of the things I have learned so that my "teach two" can be done long distance.  Thank you so much for all the recipes, the videos, the books and most of all your effort and heart in bringing these to us.  You are right, this is important!

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Re: Jamie's Ministry of Food - what's it all about?

Hi.   I am from Australia and recently completed a 5 lesson short course at the Ministry of Food mobile kitchen.  I absolutely loved it.  The trainer Emma was fantastic at engaging us and making it fun.   Was great to bring it back to basics.  Since finishing the lessons my love for cooking has been completely re-ignited and I have since been cooking up a storm for my family. They are loving it!  My 10 year old son has even been taking an interest in food, cooking it and good choices as a result of seeing my enthusiasm.  I am even planning a dinner party to take place in about 2 months time to celebrate our home renovations being completed. 
I don't know how the Ministry of Food is reaching out in other parts of the world but if you can get an opportunity to partake in the course DO IT!  You won't regret it at all.  Oh an it was so affordable AU$50 for the 5 weeks and you got to take home what you made

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