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Re: Leggy Coriander

aflower wrote:

Is it best to move the seedlings to a cooler place the moment they come up or is it best to leave them in the warm for just a few days whilst they are tiny?

I get seeds to germinate at whatever temperature is suggested on the packet ('default setting' is a room temperature of around 18C - 20C), & when about 1" high will move them to a temperature of around 15-18C (not in full sunlight.........this would vary the day/night temperatures too widely) & in good daylight.
I don't have access to a greenhouse so my plants are started of a little later in the season (towards the end of the suggested planting times on the packet) which means that I go from indoor seed germination to frost-free coldframe outdoors in as short a time as possible.........4-6 weeks

aflower wrote:

Will have to get some trays so I can pour water in for them to drink from the bottom. When I used this method before it seemed to make the soil really wet and led to damping off in a few tomatoes I had growing. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Trays underneath for watering is a good idea.
Never let your seedlings sit in water...........that way waterlogging & ultimately damping off lies.
Compost after watering from below should be just damp to the touch. More plants are lost to 'kindness' than anything else!
I also turn the trays of seedings round evry other day so the plants don't grow one way towards the light.
If you keep the plants cool, damp & bathed in light, they will grow slowly making for thicker, sturdier plants.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Leggy Coriander

I wonder how the little coriander plants are going?

I am thinking of growing some on my kitchen window sill over the next couple of months. Hopefully it will be warm enough for them. crossed

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