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Re: Why does Jamie include MILK in the Food Revolution?

you can buy flavoured milk in the supermarkets here , but t,he cows milk here is just that ... cows milk added sugar or whatever ...Just plain white cows milk .
Not all cows that milked spend their time in the enviroments that you are talking about.

Many small farmer here sell the milk from the cows to milk suppliers that then pasturise , bottle and distribute it to the shops.

I think you do not realise just how much the small farms play a part in the production of the milk that is in our shops.

I know one of these farmers that has a herd of cows and is a milk producer , the cows are in fields , they are looked after, they do not produce milk all the time as there are always some cows in a resting phase.
Cows are both expenive to buy and very expensive to keep so they  do get looked after.

It is not always like you think .

Goats and Sheep produce small quantitiies of milk , cows produce larger quantities.

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Re: Why does Jamie include MILK in the Food Revolution?

Ms Kira wrote:

Well all I'm saying is that Jamie has a fabulous opportunity to really educate people about the non-necessity of having your children drink milk at school.

I'm not saying that if you drink a glass of milk, your brain will turn to mush and leak out of your ass. I'm saying that you could go the rest of your life with ZERO milk and be just fine. It's NOT necessary. It's for baby cows. It's not for babies of another species and not for adults of any species.

It IS full of chemicals, hormones, blood and pus, and has actually been said to be a CAUSE of osteoporosis. The ONLY reason we are told to drink milk is because the dairy association wants to make money. That's it.

Milk has vitamins in it, sure.  That's because they ADD vitamins to it. If you put vitamins in a jug of cat piss, you'd still have a beverage with vitamins in it. If you really, truly wanted to get calcium and nutrition for yourself or your family, you'd get goat milk. It is far more nutritious and is easier to digest.

Milk is one of the most processed foods in America and it's being given to kids at school on a daily basis. Jamie could really help those kids by spreading the word and letting them know it's not really good for them to have this. That was all I wanted to say, though it's probably seriously doubtful he would want to tackle such a task.

I think the points you are making here are extreme and scaremongering.  I'll be feeding human milk to my baby for as long as I can, however cow's milk is not the enemy.  The way you describe it you make it sound like poison even the calves shouldn't have lol.  That is hardly the case and I worry about the sources you are consulting that have helped you form this opinion.

In regards to Jamie, you've missed the whole point.  Jamie is trying to encourage American parents to realize the state of nutrition in the school system and can tackle only a certain amount of problems.  Jamie has done extensive work on promoting sustainable meat so I don't see where your beef is with him.  In trying to promote a healthier school lunch he's simply saying "instead of flavored milk, drink plain milk and save yourself from all that added sugar."  He's not about to pander to scaremongering.

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