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What did you get up to on Food Revolution Day?

Fifteenís Apprentices and Graduates Stonebaked Pizzas take Borough Market by storm.

For those of you who have not already heard, Saturday 19th May 2012 was the first ever Food Revolution Day, a day dedicated to celebrating, and standing up for, real food. Food Revolutionaries all over the world got involved, with over 1,000 real food and food education events taking place in 664 cities across 62 countries! Food Revolution Day is all about connecting with your community and empowering each other to think about the food choices you make and to open the conversation on local food issues in order to help promote the mission of better food education for everyone.

Living in London, as I do, I trundled along to Borough Market where the Fifteen Apprentices and Graduates were putting on a special stall offering fresh stone baked pizzas for the nominal suggested donation of £5, with all proceeds going towards the Jamie Oliver Foundation - Fifteen Apprentice Programme. Naturally, I had to have one for my breakfast (it was 10:00am).

The team were nestled among the other stalls in the Jubilee Market, but their stand definitely stood out. Why? Because right in the middle of their tables was a fully operational pizza oven that they had built the day before and the smell of woodsmoke mixed with baking dough was enough to draw me straight over.

I saw Lloyd Hayes again (the Class of 2005 graduate I met at Mayís Supper club), as he was manning the toppings with the current Fifteen apprentices, Kelsey Fenner, Ebou Jobe and Kevin McBarron, who had all just returned the night before from a training trip to Italy.  There were two pizzas on offer Ė Stilton and Mushroom with a tomato sauce, or Brisket and horseradish with an onion sauce and cheddar cheese. Being difficult and not liking horseradish or stilton, I invented my own combo Ė mushroom, onion sauce & cheddar and with the extreme heat of the pizza oven, the whole thing cooked in under 5 minutes! The finished result was delicious and the smokiness from the oven really gave it the edge.

I also had to marvel at the thin pizza crust. The dough was stretched out and laid out ready for toppings and some looked so thin in the middle they were pretty much translucent. Iíve tried making my own pizzas in the past and Iím never able to get it so thin without tearing tiny holes in the crust. I asked the Fifteen graduates Jai Harrower and Ben Chapman, from Classes 2011 and 2004, who were looking after the preparation of the dough, why that was and Jai explained ďitís all in the provingĒ. If itís under-proven the dough does not develop the elasticity needed to stretch it so it breaks and if itís over proven it becomes pretty unmanageable too.

So in all, it was both a tasty and educational experience. Not only did I get a delicious breakfast for a fiver, but Iím hoping the tips that I learned talking to the apprentices and graduates may have (food) revolutionised my pizza making. Iíll have to test it out soon.

If you missed it, Iíve put a few pics on my blog page: … p?id=77613

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Re: What did you get up to on Food Revolution Day?

Great post LuLuBell  smile

On food revolution day I went into Cardiff to see the staff of Jamie's Italian who were making a huge pasta dragon .
I got there just as they were starting .
They had a square open sided tent up and underneath the canopy , they had Sellotape'd together loads and loads of A4 sheets of paper onto which they had drawn a Welsh Dragon.
It must have taken them simply ages to stick all the paper together .
This was all set a couple of yards in front of Jamie's Italian on the pedestrian area.
Directly in front of Jamie's Italian was a pasta making machine with Antonio standing behind it busy making a 'black' spagetti .
This was to become the outline of the Welsh Dragon.
Passers by we're asked to lay a bit of the spagetti inbetween the apropriate lines that had been drawn on the paper .
This was to become the outline of the a welsh Dragon.

Also , passerby were given a Food Revolution 'flyer' which had a recipe on the reverse.

As you can imagine , it's a hard job catching the interest of passers by , all of whom just want to go about their normal buisness that they had gone into Cardiff to do, but the Jamie's Italian team did a fantastic job attracting people and getting them to join in and most importantly , spreading the word about the good revolution.

I was not around at the end of the day to see the completed pasta picture of the dragon , but I can tell you that 3 different types of pasta were going to be used in the making of the picture .
One for each of the 3 colours needed .. Black for the dragon outline , red for the dragon and green for the surrounding colour.
I did find a picture of the Welsh Dragon completed on someone's  instagram page , but sadly there is no way to gt to show the picture.
But it did look good.

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