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Retirement Homes

Jamie. . .
What you're doing for school lunches is terrific.
When you get that done, how about taking a look at
retirement homes. . .noodle entree with noodle salad,
noodles with mashed potatoes,  pot pie with bread, fried processed
meat, etc.
Keep up the good work.

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Re: Retirement Homes

Welcome to the forum missminch  smile

Retirement homes do vary a great deal , some have really good food whilst in others its just awful.
I am not sure who inspects them or who is in charge of them but it probably varies from area to area and country to country.
I am sorry . I dont know what to suggest.

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Re: Retirement Homes

Speak with the catering manager in the first instance to raise your concerns. Depending on how passionate you are about a change, you could put together some new menus ideas, perhaps using fresh, local ingredients that can be sourced cheaply. Retirement homes have an obligation to keep residents well fed with a nutritionally balanced diet. You may like to have a look at the Caroline Walker trust website, where you can find guidelines on nutrition in care homes.

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Re: Retirement Homes

I am currently resident in a retirement home. The food is excellent. However, I do cook it myself (or the missis does under directions).

But I'm not mistaking it for paradise.

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