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Never Seconds Blog state of School Dinners Blog

Hi everyone

In case you missed this yesterday - Jamie has been supporting a school girl in Scotland - Martha Payne. She has created a blog where she has been rating the state of her school dinners - this week the council told the school that she was banned from doing this. There was a massive backlash across various social media platforms and Jamie weighed in on Twitter as well supporting Martha. The result was that Martha's story was trending worldwide on Twitter which resulted in the council backing down.
It was an incredible story and brilliant to see the power of an engaged community. More info for you all here:

Martha has also been raising money for a charity that provides lunches to school children - check out the amount that she has now raised, over 55,000 - amazing!

more news on the story here: … 99499.html

Cheers from Danny

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Re: Never Seconds Blog state of School Dinners Blog

Nice work Danny Jamie Nick Nairne and anyone else highlighting this cause. People are making a difference,as seen with Jamie School Dinners and Food Revolution. Being nice, helping others is the way forward. Good food is the way forward.

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Re: Never Seconds Blog state of School Dinners Blog

Nice! Well done... thumbsup

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