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Hi Food Revolutionaries!!

My wife and I are very poor financially.
She's a vegetarian, and I'm a cardiac patient.
I'm looking for recopies that are healthier for me, and that I can leave meat out of 1/2 of for her.

We have a small garden plot, and like to grow our own veggies, so I'm looking to expand the types of veggies we grow and cook ethnic foods (especially the "peasant foods") from around the world.

Recently I had been studying Korean cooking (I make my own Kimchi, Chigae, and a few other things), and now I'm getting curious about old style European cooking styles.

I'm also really getting into doing traditional fermented veggies such as brine cured Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and various types of pickles.


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Re: Hi Food Revolutionaries!!

Sadly I have just seem this post as I think we might have neem able to help , this forum member has not made a post since February but I think that it's a good topic ...

Vegetarian food with a meat eater in the family !

When all my family were home I used to cook mainly meat based meals and me being the only vegetarian in the family used to mostly eat the veg that came with the meals .. (Don't worry. , that was plentiful and interesting ! ) sometimes we would have vegetarian meals but mostly I cooked meat.
Now with all having ' flown the nest' , I find I cook differently , basing the meal on  vegetarian dishes and with often but not always a meat addition for my darling .
For example .. Yesterday we had some fried ,spiced vegetable rice with a chickpea curry stirred through at the last minutes of cooking so the rice still retained its texture and indervidual grains and also for my daylong I cooked belly pork with a ginger and redcurrant glaze ( knowing that otherwise he would have heaped mango chutney onto the rice ) .

This was not the meal I had originally planned to do but was one that just happened as there was cold indian-spicy rice in the fridge , I say the rice was fried but I used minimal oil to 'fry ' it in ,and used the frying pan to cook it so many of the rice grains had a slightly crisped edge , great contrast with the softer vegetables , also cooked in the frypan and the end result not at all greasy !

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