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Devon Rocks! Big Up Devon!

Check out the Bakery at Royal William Yard Plymouth.
Stonkingly good food. Date and Pecan Rye bread is amazing.
Turmeric Carrot and Fennel is OK, then you fry it becomes amazing, trust! Seriously your taste buds will love you forever. Muesli is awaiting quality control (my family in Bavaria) results.
Great Coffee (in the coffee business for 12 years, I know my stuff). Lunch, I had a vegetable Danish, straight out of the oven, filled me right up, very tasty, job done!
Riverford Organics, my first order, what a result.  Superb Salad, amazing courgettes, sweet corn, tomatoes and beets.
Our lamb is the best; I work next to a load of Jacobs sheep at the moment. How cool is that, until they get out.
Next up itís our fish: tonight I had Torbay Sole, off a day boat, with potted shrimp (not from Devon, Morecambe does the best shrimp ever).
That was an amazing piece of fish!
Massive thank you to all the great Devon Food Folk.
Move over Wales and Cornwall, youíre good but Devon has taken over the top spot.
The whoopiest yup yup food in the whole of the Galaxy!

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Re: Devon Rocks! Big Up Devon!

Devon is a pretty place , will try to renember to pass on your recommendations to my niece .

But when it comes to Wales we too have a lot to offer , beautiful cheeses the finest lamb etc etc !!

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