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Youth Football Concession Stands

Hi Jamie  I am on the board of a newly formed American Youth Football (Pop Warner) league in Southern California.  Our mission statement includes our goal to be the premier youth sports league in our community. As we view it to be part of a premier league we must excel on and off the field.  We require that all players keep good grades and perform at least 8 hours of community service.  In addition we have banned all sales of candy, cookie dough and other junk food from out fundraisers.  We have also removed all junk food and sugary drinks from our concessions.  Unfortunately this has cut into the overall sales.  I feel there is a way to offer healthy choices as part of a concessions stand (snack bar menu) but we are having trouble making the right choices.  Your help would be appreciated.

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Re: Youth Football Concession Stands

Hi Jbrett,
Jamie mightn't see this, but others here might have some ideas.
I am not sure what facilities you have for keeping food warm or cold, and what sort of help you can get from volunteers etc.
My thinking is that there are a few things you could try: Work out your guidelines (maybe with a dietician) and then ask local caterers to tender so that you get a cut of the income, but the caterer can do all the work.
If you have a volunteer program, making delicious wraps (once you get your food safety certificates etc) or doing baked potatoes with coleslaw (for example) could be a way of raising money, giving volunteers a satisfying project, upping your profile, and being a model for other youth sports leagues.

I think it is great that your league is considering this issue. It is so important to connect sport and healthy eating in the minds of your members. smile

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