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Jamie at Home

A repulsive effort to make money out of idiots!
I thought Jamie had morals, then I met a party planning woman selling Jamie's overpriced rubbish............a tagine reduced from 45 to 37!
Absolutely disgusting!
Jamie, you should be ashamed!

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Re: Jamie at Home

Welcome to the forum lizstansbridge  smile

Jamie at home is a party plan system of selling where sellers opt in and sell products at times that suit themselves through small gatherings at people's homes , the same as is done with Tupperware , the pampered chef products and many other Similar organisations used the party Plan method of selling their Porducts.
Many of the Jamie at Home products are  designed by specific designers and crafted our of sourced materials , like the American Oak .
I particularly like the look of the wooden items I have sen ,they have a lovely finish and a great wood grain.

Jamie at Home products may seem expensive to you but to others they are a cheaper alternative . I have been traveling to and from London quite a bit this year and have noticed that some people do indeed have quite a lot of money , (whilst others have far less ) I have seen with amazement some of the prices in some of the shops and wondered myself if people actually buy the pricey items .. Of course they do ! To me the prices of these things I have seen in the shops might be high but to others they might seem like a bargain ... It's all relative to the indervidual person.

If you go to a Jamie At Home party , you are not obliged to buy anything , you should only buy something if you want of need it , the choice is yours.
It's up to each indervidual what and when they chose to buy.

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