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Question for N.American and Canadian friends

I have a cake recipe that calls for Slice mandarin orange soda pop, is this a brand or will any fizzy orange do? Also it needs Peaches and Cream liqueur, is this similar to english cream liqueurs - like Baily's, or is it a clear liqueur ? help

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Re: Question for N.American and Canadian friends

hi, I'm from Quebec, Canada,

Mandarine Soda is like any kind of pop, u drink, but this one is like orange pop...we have those yes here in canada...
u can also use instead, the mandarine juice....

for the liquor, yeah, right,  instead of  Baily's,, it's an orange liquor....very good, in fact.  I use this one for my CrÍpes Suzette...instead of cognac or else....more subtile.

if u can, send me this cake recipe, and I can analyze it for u...

good luck...

hope I could help..

foliemarrie smile

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