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Double cream

Hello I was planning to have guests over on Saturday but my son was unfortunately unwell and all was cancelled. I am now left with a large tub of double cream and I don't want to waste it.
On the tub it says i can freeze it when whipped - have you tried this does it taste ok when thawed ? And should I whip it and freeze in small "dollops" ?!!
Thanks for any advice x
Suzie xo

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Re: Double cream

Welcome to the forum banwellks smile

I am sometimes given cream from a friend who has a farm , occasionally if I know I am not going to use it I whip it a little and freeze it in usable amounts. I have never used it like that from the freezer but I have added it enrich other things I have cooked , often things like rice pudding.

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Re: Double cream

Make butter, you can freeze that for quite a while. … de-butter/

Foods that don't freeze well. … -well.html

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