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#11 Mon 08 Oct 12 4:02pm

betty is me

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Re: Pasta sauce with Nduja??

I bought some nduja by the 100gm, (not in its skin), and I've had it in a tub in the fridge for about 5 or six months  now.  I thought of it as a spice paste and assumed it would be fine to keep for a good while, but now I know it has pork in it I'm unsure about its keeping qualities.  Can someone tell me just how long it will last in the fridge this way.

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#12 Mon 12 Nov 12 3:57pm


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Re: Pasta sauce with Nduja??


Nduja is a really interesting ingredient!

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#13 Sat 02 Mar 13 8:34pm


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Re: Pasta sauce with Nduja??

@betty is me

'Nduja in a tub can be kept also outside of the fridge for at least 18 months as long as you don't open it. Once opened then it has to be kept in the fridge and, if you plan to eat the rest not soon, it is adviced to poor a small layer of oliveoil inside the tub to isolate the 'Nduja from the air which will keep it's fantastic taste !

I do sell a lot of variations of 'Nduja here in The Netherlands, for overseas shipments contact me through my website :-)

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