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Cooking with bubbles

Hello everybody.

I'm having the food club visiting me soon. We give each other themes as a challenge, and lucky me got the theme, bubbles. I could use some help deciding the main course. For starters i'm thinking a pea soup with with champagne. For dessert I want to use some Pop Rocks drizzled over some icecream and berries.
Does anyone here have some great ideas for the main course? Comments for starters and dessert are also welcome. smile

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Re: Cooking with bubbles

For  a starter something bubbling hot.... (sorry couldn't resist).
Maybe for the soup or dessert consider something with a frothy top. Frothed milk is good on pea soup as well. A frothy sauce goes with a fish or meat main course as well.
I think I would use the champagne for a dessert (sorbet + champagne for example) or a froth sauce or poaching fish rather than in a pea soup.

Sorry that I don't have more ideas. Good luck!

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Re: Cooking with bubbles

Maybe you could use tapioca somewhere?
Here is a recipe for a chilled fruit soup:

Strawberry and Orange Soup
1/2 cup of sago or tapioca (pinhead size).
Bring at least 6 cups of water to the boil and sprinkle in the sago.
Boil uncovered 7 minutes
Cover the pan, turn off the heat and leave for 10 minutes.
By this time the grains should be clear, run cold water into the pan, drain through a fine sieve and leave to cool.
800g strawberries (set a few aside for garnish)
with 6 tbsp sugar and 2 cups fresh orange juice
Stir in cooked sago and sliced reserved berries
Cover and chill so that the grains absorb the colour
ladle over a little crushed rice if the day is really hot.

I have a variation that has mixed berries and apple juice and I am sure you can think of others!

Or you could make lemon sago for dessert.

Maybe bring out bubble pipes just before dessert so guests can have fun?

If you have the iceblock makers that make spherical iceblocks, or something similar, you could make savoury jelly moulds in them, using gelatine or agar agar.

A salad made with cherry tomatoes, grapes, melon balls, spheres of soft cheese rolled in sumac, with small leafy greens among them. Name: bubble salad.

Minted peas: name it 'green bubble' side dish.

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