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Fast food giants not wanted in our beautiful town..need help J O!

Hi Jamie,firstly have to say I am a huge fan,have been for many years,love your passionate work & food of course!!
Want to highlight an issue directly related to your fight for healthy eating & against obesity.In Tecoma in the Dandenong mountain ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne,where much to the locals dismay, a decision by local government has been made to approve a Mc D****** across the road from a primary school,even after a huge fight against it by the locals;legal team,petitions,traffic study etc has all had no effect.It's all everyone is talking about at kinder drop off this morning. I saw you in march this year in Melbourne and remember what you said about fast food outlets per square mile,there are plenty of them down the mountain!The hills people dont' want this fast food giant in the main street of a small town.There are no fast food giants in these beautiful hills,this will be the first.The Dandenong ranges is a healthy living based community & a Mc D would be totally inappropriate in this environment and a high majority of people have opposed it.I am shocked to hear that it has been given the go ahead,considering the many problems it will create...The local community has fought an extremely hard battle.We desperately need some help in this fight to secure our childrens healthy wellbeing.Can you please help?Cheers Sigrid

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Re: Fast food giants not wanted in our beautiful town..need help J O!

Sigrid, I think the answer to McD's in your town lies in your hands. All the inhabitants need do is Boycott it, keep your children away.
These places are not run as charities if they don't make money, they shut up shop and go.

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Re: Fast food giants not wanted in our beautiful town..need help J O!

Mickey Dees is not the enemy. They are just a purveyor of food that is less than nutritious.

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