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Re: Caveman is here..

I'm afraid that my ideas on processed foods (and grains and highly processed oils) are probably far too radical for the JO site!  Suffice it to say that I've gone back to a very traditional diet based on no grains (including corn and rice), and foods that I could in theory grow/catch/kill myself and process in my own kitchen without any specialist equipment.  This brings me to meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, some fruits, animal fats, coconut products and olive oil.  I do occasionally use honey as a sweetener in cooking, and sometimes maple syrup, but generally now we do without sweet things as well.  It has to be said that as a family our health has improved.

This DVD pretty much sums up how my family eats these days, and why!

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Re: Caveman is here..

Thanks for sharing that, I'll take a look at the trailer.  It's certainly considered a radical diet by today's means but it's safe to say that the condition of today's food market has changed more over the last 100yrs than it has since the dawn of time.

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