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Jamie live today at the One Young World conference : )

Jamie Live Today!

Following his first appearance at the One Young World conference last year in Zurich, Jamie is back at the conference today, this year in Pittsburgh. Kicking off the first full day of the 4 day event heís brought a panel of people together including Harvard, Google, the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, Chipotle and more for The Food Revolution: Shaping a Better Future session. Itís at 3:30pm, UK time, for an hour so do listen in/watch, it will be live streamed on the One Young World homepage and should be a great discussion!

Tune in today at 3:30pm

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Re: Jamie live today at the One Young World conference : )

I watched some of it..   very cool.  I am guessing he will be just getting going at his show in Toronto right now.. Very long day for him.

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