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gobsmacked & disappointed

Hi there from Australia.  As a 'Pom' I have grown up watching Jamie and his career, so when I came here and the Jamie Magazine began it's circulation here I was stocked.  Having collected every copy up to number 29 imagine how gutted I was when I was told by the newsagent it was no longer available in the shops!!!
Then you can imagine I was gobsmacked to find that if I then subscribed I could only get the mag from issue 34 onwards and the ones inbetween would cost me a wopping $20 (only 5 pounds in the UK though)!!!!
I had set up a subscription but am now waiting to hear fromt he magazine so I can CANCEL it as I am so disappointed!!!!! sad

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Re: gobsmacked & disappointed

I was given a gift subscription when the magazine started by a friend who lived in the UK. It cost a motza for him to send the subscription same as it cost me $100.00+ to send him a subscription of Delicious magazine (to the UK).

I subscribed for another year after that but had to give it up. Then bought copies I was interested in at the newsagent.

Have only been buying the Christmas edition (a sort of compilation) for the past few years. That's probably gone now, too.

Delicious is now including 16 pages of the Jamie magazine in its issues, printed on the same paper and using the same font as the Jamie magazine if that's any consolation.

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