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Help out a stressed engineer...

Hi there all, I work for a small electrical engineering design firm in Yorkshire. We've been asked by a client to design and develop a remote viewing system for the inside of domestic ovens. Our brief was simple but somewhat vague - a wireless video camera which could record images from within a working oven and relay them to a tablet/phone or other device.

Being only the most amateur of cooks my design concepts have mostly been based on guesswork and summation and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggetions for my problem:
- Is this the kind of product people would use?
- If so what's the going rate for kitchen gadgets?
- Any other features that would be useful?

Our current prototype is like a catering endoscope, with the control and communication systems on the outside of the oven door connected to a fiberoptic camera within the oven. Good idea/bad idea?

I'm a little stuck for inspiration here and would really appriciate any suggestions people can come up with.

Thanks a million,
Flumoxed electrical engineer.

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Re: Help out a stressed engineer...

One thing you might want to check out for general interest is the website called cooking for engineers.

Jamie's 30 minute meals series uses a camera in the side of an oven so I guess the concept is not new and there may already be something out there. I can't really see the point, after all ovens usually have windows on the front and it's not too hard to walk into the kitchen and take a look. So it would have to be at the quirky stocking stuffer end of things for me to bother getting (or being given).

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Re: Help out a stressed engineer...

I would like to use a device that sends images wirelessly to my computer of what's happening inside my oven.  My oven door is not see-through.  Also, I'm recovering from an injury and reducing the number of times I walk to check things would be helpful right now.

Please put a thermometer on that camera with a very clear read out because everyone needs to check the temperature of the oven.

I am frugal when it comes to spending on brand new technologies.  Digital cameras are so cheap now, everything is wireless and certainly, there have been cameras going inside ovens and barbecue grills for quite a while now, so it's not something new, although I would think not many at home have this technology.

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