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How do I cook a "jointed rabbit"?

Hi everyone. I have just bought a "joined rabbit" but I'm not sure what it is.

What's the best way to cook a jointed rabbit?  I'd like to roast it or do a stew but I've no idea how to de-bone it?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks


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Re: How do I cook a "jointed rabbit"?

Well, my favourite way is to soften some onions in either butter or lard in an oven-proof saucepan.  Whilst those are cooking, dust your rabbit pieces in seasoned flour, then add to the pan and allow to brown.  Add some chicken stock, some red wine and a few whole garlic cloves, maybe a bay leaf or two, cover, bring to the boil then stick in a medium oven (about 150-160C) for a couple of hours.  I tend not to worry about de-boning it before cooking - just do it before serving.

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Re: How do I cook a "jointed rabbit"?

I do something similar to Olivia's recipe, but I use white wine, french grainy mustard and tarragon. I sometimes add a little creme fraiche at the end of cooking time to enrich the sauce.. but the process is the same..

Most of the meat is really in the legs... love rabbit!  tongue


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Re: How do I cook a "jointed rabbit"?

You can roast the saddle, if the butcher has left it whole. But you'd have to bone it out, and on its own the saddle won't go very far.

So unless you have some fancy butchery skills, you're better off stewing it - maybe cacciatore-style, if you like Italian food, and served with grilled polenta.

Or even better, make a rabbit pie. I made this one at the weekend, and it was lovely: … ttingstall (look for 'Rabbit pie with mushrooms and cider', towards the bottom of the page).

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Re: How do I cook a "jointed rabbit"?

if you want the perfect taste then before you cook it make sure you got it from the right person, so make sure its fresh! if you are unsure where to get it from so it is 100% fresh then go to food britain and they will get you in contact with the correct people e.g. farmers etc.

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