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#1 Mon 29 Oct 12 5:46pm


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Venison haunch

Hi all,

I have a 2.4kg Haunch of venison currently topped with a nice piece of pork belly fat (with some meat) bringing the whole thing to well over 3kg.

At first I intended to quickly roast it, leaving it at most medium rare however now I'm thinking that this won't do the belly pork any favours and I also notice some fierce debate on the matter of haunch with many people saying that it should be slow cooked...

I have had a smaller haunch before that I quickly roast and it was lovely, tender and moist but I am a little daunted by the bigger joint especially with the belly atop.

So, what do you all think the best way to do it would be?

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#2 Mon 29 Oct 12 7:04pm


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Re: Venison haunch

Personally, I like to cook a haunch of venison slowly.  I tend to start it off early then put it in the bake oven of my fireplace at about 80C for the best part of 5 or 6 hours.  One of the nicest ways I've done is actually a Jamie recipe I did a couple of years ago, here is a link

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic … routs.html

It was so delicious with the cherries, which unfortunately are a bit hard to get here.  I've never topped it with pork belly, but I guess you're doing that to add some moisture.  As I've found that slow cooking larger pieces of lean game tends to be the best way to ensure they stay moist, without introducing fat.

Good luck and welcome to the forums  smile

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#3 Thu 01 Nov 12 10:26pm


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Re: Venison haunch

Hi BritFinn,

Thanks for the link, that sounds great and it's going in my recipe book for future!


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#4 Mon 12 Nov 12 5:16pm


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Re: Venison haunch

Hi Thryth!

Great question on the haunch of venison!  I am currently working on Jamie's brand new YouTube Channel which is launching in January 2013. Could you send me a email via this forum so I can get in touch with you directly regarding how we might be able to use some of your great questions on the channel?



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