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#1 Thu 15 Nov 12 7:03pm


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Beautiful !!!!

How many times do you have to use this word? 30 times or more? Have turned off because I find it so irritating!!!

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#2 Thu 15 Nov 12 8:59pm


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

I know how that can be.  I don't at all mind Jamie saying "beautiful" but I can't stand Giada di Laurentis!  She says the word "nice" over and over again.

nice and cripsy
nice and golden
nice and soft
nice and warm
nice and melted

It never ends.  It is a bit funny though isn't it, we're all just people at the end of the day and as long as he's not calling people names, using profanity or talking gibberish then I'd say no harm done.  Don't let one word turn you off from some fantastic food.

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#3 Thu 15 Nov 12 10:50pm


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

Welcome to the forum CarolynFord  smile

I have to be honest and say that it never really bothers me when a presenter keeps using the same word to describe things . I think most people tend to use limited words to discribe things. Hence Giada Di Laurentis continually using the word 'nice' .

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#4 Thu 15 Nov 12 11:05pm


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

Probably one post to mention that one single word is irritating  yawn

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#5 Fri 16 Nov 12 3:41pm


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

Darn!  I never noticed it before and now I will . . .  lol

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#6 Fri 16 Nov 12 4:44pm


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

beautiful clap  wink

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#7 Fri 16 Nov 12 9:25pm


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

Lovely! I tend to use that a lot! But then again, nobody listens anyway. At times I use luvly, but ... whatever!

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#8 Sat 17 Nov 12 11:19am


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Re: Beautiful !!!!

Beautiful, crackin'...I'm chuffed with that!

Jamie's normal linguistics make him a joy to watch.
You can tell he's not reading some cue cards.

And thank you very much  that he doesn't do what most cooking show cooks do at the end of recipe...take a taste "mmmmmmm that's soooo good..." with their best drool face on  dribble


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