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#1 Tue 20 Nov 12 8:39pm


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Looking for Book

Hi everyone
I live in Canada and have just joined the forum. I look at Jamie on BBC Canada at lunch time everyday when I can at his 30 Minute meals.  I am looking for the book and cannot find it anywhere.  I have just bough Jamies 15 minute meals but want the other one too.  Any thoughts. help  smile

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#2 Wed 21 Nov 12 8:00am


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Re: Looking for Book

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#3 Wed 21 Nov 12 11:49am


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Re: Looking for Book

when it was published in Canada 30 minute meals   was renamed meals in minutes . everything else is the same.

http://www.amazon.ca/Jamie-Olivers-Meal … amp;sr=1-1

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#4 Wed 21 Nov 12 12:42pm


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Re: Looking for Book

Ashen, out of curiosity (and while waiting for the kitchen timer to beep), I clicked on your link.

Sort of "odd" seeing so many books I'm familiar with packaged differently for different markets.

At least the content remains constant.

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#5 Wed 21 Nov 12 3:06pm


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Re: Looking for Book

Does anyone know if Jamie Oliver Christmas with Bells on or any other of his Christmas shows has a cook book to go with it, I loved the shows and would love the book to go with?


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