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Foods names that make us smile

I often think that some of he names that we call the foods we eat are quite funny..

Today I came across the recipe for Nun's Farts that I have been meaning to make for a while .. The name never fails to make me laugh !

Stargazey Pie .. A pie with fish heads peeping out towards the sky .. Never made this .

Spotted Dick ... A steamed pudding with currants that used to be made in a roll shape , but more often now is made in a pudding basin.

Pigs in Blankets .. Bacon wrapped round sausages

Devils on horseback ... Bacon wrapped round prunes

Toad in the hole ...sausages cooked in ayorkshire pudding type batter .

Hodgepodge Pie .. A meat 'pie' with pearl barely in the mix topped with sliced potato and cheese

There are all sorts of strange names for dishes I thought it would be fun to name some ..
I know that Minnie will come up with a huge list of them
Keep adding to the list please everyone

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Re: Foods names that make us smile

Rumbledethumps is one that has always made me smile:  is fried cabbage or kale, mixed in with mashed neeps (swede/turnip) and mashed potatoes, put in a dish, covered with cheese and baked.

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Re: Foods names that make us smile

Grany Maniac is candy
Craps is chocolate
Cok' bacon are corn snaps

Finest Paris Brest pastry

Not foods are maybe for some wink
Cockburns Porto
Dry Sack Liquor Spain

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Re: Foods names that make us smile

dry sack liquor????   lmao  I need to get a bottle of that.

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Re: Foods names that make us smile

I believe that's Dry Sac Sherry

Pocari Sweat (Japanese beverage) Syllabub, Felafel, Poke, Plopp Candy Bars (Swedish) Mulagatawny, Lonely God Potato Twists (Taiwan) Gefilte Fish, Kreplach

Some are just fun to say.

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