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#1 Sun 25 Nov 12 1:12pm


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Thinking of those in the UK!

Hi guys,
I am busy watching the news about the flooding! Looks really bad! I hope that everyone is keeping safe and warm!!

Keep us updated those of you that are being affected!

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#2 Sun 25 Nov 12 1:46pm


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Re: Thinking of those in the UK!

Hope you are all ok!  Stay safe.

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#3 Sun 25 Nov 12 1:59pm


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Re: Thinking of those in the UK!

thank you ,I too am thinking of those in the areas that are flooded  ,the rain and wind have been bad and the floods are confined more to specific areas rather than the whole of the UK so the majority of the people are OK .

In most places , flood waters tend to retreat reasonably quickly but it the devestation that gets let behind that affects those in flooded areas that is hard to cope with.

I have checked on my friend in Cornwall and she has had a tree down and also plenty of large  branches blown from the trees on her land but n flooding where she is .

Where my sister in law lives near Bristol she has had some flooding in the area around her and the road had been closed , she is OK and has no idea how bad the flood is locally to her and no idea when the road will again be opened.

There is more rain on the way ,

Next week we are told will be start with rain then there will be less rain but much colder.

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#4 Sun 25 Nov 12 3:03pm


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Re: Thinking of those in the UK!

I hope everyone is safe.  Hope the rain goes away.

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#5 Sun 25 Nov 12 3:42pm


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Re: Thinking of those in the UK!

crossed for sunny days even in winter

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